Safety Tips For Driving At Night In A Rental Car

Driving at night is a dangerous time to be on the road. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur at intersections because crosswalks are harder to see. It is important to slow down when approaching these intersections and keep an eye out for other drivers. If you are considering Mercedes rental in Dubai, read safety tips for driving at night. 

Avoiding headlight glare:

You can take a few simple steps to avoid headlight glare when driving at night. First of all, make sure your windshield wipers are working properly. Fog also reduces visibility through the windshield and can add glare to the road. Since most drivers use their headlights while driving in the fog, their headlights may also be shining directly into other drivers’ eyes.

Slowing down:

Driving at night is much safer and less risky than driving during the day, and it’s important to remember to slow down. Driving slower will give you more time to react and avoid an accident. Nighttime visibility is limited, and it’s harder to see wildlife or other road users. It’s also important to dim your interior lights and GPS so you can see the road.

If you see other motorists in front of you, slow down and keep a safe distance. These drivers make jerky movements, and you need to give them room to stop.

Avoiding drowsy driving:

If you’re unsure how to avoid drowsy driving when driving at home, consider driving with someone to help you stay alert. A second driver can take the wheel and switch off if you get tired, but they shouldn’t be distracting. It’s also helpful to get at least 15 minutes of sleep before a long drive to recharge your body. Rolling down the windows while driving can also help you stay alert, making the car noisy.

Avoiding fatigue:

Driver fatigue is a major factor in accidents and can cause many serious injuries and even death. That is why you should always try to avoid driving while tired. If you happen to be in an accident caused by a driver driving while tired, you should immediately contact a car accident lawyer for assistance.